As a business manager, would you like to have someone locate a specific item of used equipment at within a price range determined upfront and rely on one source for search, acquisition, delivery and set-up?

bidmax provides such a service which unique in the auction and equipment broker industry.  We search for specific items after establishing exactly what you need and setting a price range.  The price range will reflect the condition (good, better, best) and what, if any, other services you wish us to provide. 


Two options:

§   Search and Negotiation- Together, we determine an acceptable price range, take exact specifications, locate the equipment and negotiate the price FOB seller location.  You are then connected with the seller to conclude the transaction and arrange for rigging, shipping, etc. 


§   Search, Acquisition and Warranty-  Together we determine an acceptable price range that will include any removal, rigging, transportation and, if needed, millwright work, take exact specifications and locate the equipment.  At that point, you will be provided with a still image, or action clip, if possible, and asked for approval to close the purchase.  An approximate delivery date and time frame for any millwright work is set.  The item with have a 30-day replacement guarantee.  



Contact a sales associate for details. 

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