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bidmax provides a variety of options for your industrial equipment buy/sell needs, but our primary business is delivering an auction package in a way that best fits and serves the client.  We offer either live and online or timed online auctions.  If you have quality equipment to offer, bidmax will find a buyer and consummate the sale.  Also important, depending on the business situation, we will work with you and develop creative ways to derive our fee. 


Limited Number of Items   If a client has a small number of items, bidmax or the client can arrange for transportation and display to our local facility, 1412 Broadway Street South Fulton, Tn 38257. We will display and advertise the items over the internet until we offer at auction, at least one per calendar quarter.  


Entire Plants   We will evaluate the situation with you and arrive at a sales strategy that suits your needs.  One option is to buy your inventory and then, with your cooperation, conduct a live and online auction on-site.  Another option is to allow us to auction the content of your plant to highest bidder. 


Multiple Plants    bidmax online auctions are particularly helpful for multiple locations.  This is true especially when it is not practical to relocate the items to a central location. 


In any arrangement, we will promote/market your items and utilize online bidding through our facilitator BidSpotter, the world leader in online industrial auctions.